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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Morgan3WPhotos database created?
Every item on this site has been submitted by a registered member. Members take pictures of their Morgans and Morgan parts (for example, during a restoration or while repairing their vehicle) and submit them, along with a description, for inclusion into the database. In some cases, items may not belong to a member (due to rarity) but were gathered from information in magazines, books or car shows.

Do I need to register to use this site?
No, you can use this site for research and viewing Morgan three wheeler photos without registering. (See the note below about privileges for Morgan Three Wheeler Club members.) However, if you wish to submit an item for inclusion into the database, you must register.

How do I register?
Click on the Register Here link. Fill in and submit the form. That's it!

Does capitalization matter in user names and passwords?
Yes. A password such as "123abc" is NOT the same as "123ABC". The same is true for user names.

I don't see the category tree. What's wrong?
This site requires that JavaScript be enabled on your browser. Check your browser settings.

How do I submit an item to the database?
You must first register as a member. Then, click on the Submit New Images button at the left of the home page and fill in the form. Sending images is simple: Click on the form's Browse button to locate a GIF, JPG or PNG image on your computer and then click the Submit button. You don't have to know anything about FTP or other arcane internet protocols.

Every photo you submit must at least have a descriptive title and a descriptive category selected from the category list on the right side of the page. If you want to include more information (and we certainly hope you will!), there are places where you can type in a detailed description, select the year of the vehicle, the model, etc. All of that information becomes part of the searchable database. When entering a title or description, ask yourself, "What search words would someone use if they were looking for this information?" Remember, the success of this database depends on its community of members!

What kind of images can I send?
Currently, the site only accepts GIF, JPEG or PNG images. Image size is restricted to 200K.

Images over 800x800 pixels are not recommended, even if they fit within the 200K limit. Resolution beyond this is overkill for websites, and it means users have to scroll back and forth to see your image. Also, if you are concerned about copyrights, medium-to-low resolution photos are far less useful to a thief, but are still perfectly useful for the intended users of this site.

My computer shows my photo is 200K but the web site rejected it, reporting it as over 200K. What is the problem?
Computers tend to round image sizes up and down when reporting the size, and sometimes there are a few bytes added for overhead. For safety, resize your image so it is a few K less than the 200K limit. Also, please read the above note about useful image sizes.

How does the search feature work?
The image title, description, vehicle, year and category are searched for words matching the words in your search phrase. If you select "Any Word" for a search type, the search words are combined in a logical "or" fashion. For example, if your search phrase is "1928 Aero" the search engine will return all images containing "1928" OR "Aero". If you select a search type of "All Words", only images that have all the words in your search phrase will be found. In the above exmaple, only images that have images "1928" AND "Aero" will be selected. Finally, if you select "Exact Phrase", the search words you enter are considered one phrase and only images that contain the entire phrase will be selected.

I logged on and then, after awhile, I was asked to log on again after my "session expire". What happened?
For security reason, Morgan3WPhotos monitors your activity. If you have logged on but have not accessed any part of the site for 30 minutes, you are logged off automatically. This prevents a registered user from logging on and then accidentally forgetting to log off when done. Any activity, such as searching or submitting a new item, resets the "30 minute clock", so you can use the site for as long as you want with the provision that you must do something every 30 minutes.

What is a "watermark"?
A "watermark" is semi-transparent text that is superimposed on an image to provide copyright or other ownership information. When you register, you can provide a short watermark text. Then, when you submit images, you can choose to have the watermark placed on your image.

Can I "un-do" a watermark after I've watermarked an image?
No. If you need to remove a watermark, the only solution is to delete the image entirely (see the section below on editing) and resubmit it.

Some items say "Restricted to members of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club". What is that all about?
Members of this site who are also members of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club (MTWC) can elect to make images visible only to other members who are also members of the MTWC. In most cases, this is because the original image was obtained through the help of the MTWC and the member wants to encourage others to join the organization.

I am a member of the MTWC but I still can't see restricted images. What's wrong?
You must log on before you can see these images. Also, when you registered, did you identify yourself as a MTWC member by supplying your membership number?

How do I edit or delete an image I've put in the database?
First, log on. Then click on the Show All of My Photos link on the left side of the page. You'll see a thumbnail of each photo you've submitted along with an Edit button for each. Click the Edit button and edit the data. If you wish to change the photo, you must check the "Replace this image with a new image" checkbox and then supply a new image. When you are done editing, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

I put some links and HTML mark-up in my text description, but they don't show up. Why not?
Any scripting or HTML mark-up is filtered from all submitted text. You can still type in a link such as '', but it won't appear as a link that someone can click on. This is for security and anti-hacking reasons.

If I make a mistake when submitting an image, the form shows the errors but the image I selected is missing from the form and I have to select it again via the Browse button. That sure is annoying!
Yes it is, but not nearly as annoying as having a hacker steal files from your PC! Every browser prevents a "file upload" item from being preloaded by the web program. If it didn't, a hacker could create a website that automatically uploads any file the hacker wanted as soon as you visited their web site. Be glad it works this way.


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