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Privacy and Site Policies

Inclusion Policies

  1. All items added to the Morgan3WPhotos database are checked by the administrator for accuracy and for suitability. However, no guarantee is offered to the accuracy of the information.
  2. The administrator reserves the right to edit information about any item in the database.
  3. The decision as to whether an item belongs on the site and whether it will be included in the database, remains solely with the administrator.

Crediting Database Submissions
Items submitted into the Morgan3WPhotos database are credited to the registered members that submit them. The member's name appears with the description of the item. Clicking on the name allows other users to see the member's email address, home country and whether or not they are a member of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club. Telephone information is not displayed. Members can elect to not have their name listed by checking the checkbox labeled "Do not display my name or contact information on image data that I submit" on the registration form.

Privacy Policies

  1. The list of registered members of the Morgan3WPhotos web site will not be sold or redistributed.
  2. "Cookies" may be used to enhance navigation around the Morgan3WPhotos web site. They are not used to track users for any commercial purpose.
  3. Names, email addresses, telephone numbers and other information are encrypted in the database.

Copyright Policies
Morgan3WPhotos respects copyright laws. If you do not own the image you wish to include in the database, please be sure you get the permission of the copyright holder before you submit it. This includes images taken from other web sites or images scanned from printed sources. This is especially important for photographs. The rights to most photographs are protected by the owner who, in some cases, derives income by selling copies of the photograph. You MUST obtain permission before submitting such an item.


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